Course Overview

This one-hour course is designed for Professional Organisers who work with clients to declutter and organise their belongings. 

The course content is ideal for those taking their first steps in establishing waste management principles. Includes a practical workbook where you can apply your own examples, assisting you to personalise the knowledge to your circumstances. This approach makes the course adaptable for where ever you live and work.

Waste Management for Organisers will inspire you to take steps every day towards a waste free sustainable future. 

As Professional Organisers, we can make a big impact through awareness and education with our clients, as well as our own behaviour in business and personal practice. 

Focussing on the principles of waste management, this introductory course will guide you to set your own goals to achieve good outcomes for clients and the environment. 

Waste management is a fundamental part of a Professional Organiser’s role, which is why the IOPO are proud of this collaboration with Women Over Waste. Education is crucial and together we can all work towards a waste free future! 


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Chapter #1 Principles

    • Principles of Waste Management

  • 3

    Chapter #2 Waste Solutions

    • Waste Solutions in Practice for Professional Organisers

  • 4

    Chapter #3 Waste Free Future

    • A Waste Free Future: It's your business

    • Test your learning

  • 5

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Waste for Organisers Toolbox

    • Waste Information Kit - Template

    • The Waste Conversation for Organisers

    • Bonus Download- On-site Waste Tool Kit

    • Before you go...

    • Glossary of Terms

Introduction to Waste Management for Organisers

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Other Great Things About the Course

Inside you'll find both knowledge and essential practical ways to enhance your business perfomance. These are just a few of the additional features of the course.

  • Downloadable resources for practical use in your day to day life as a Professional Organiser

  • Work at your own pace, you'll have unlimited access to come and go as you please

  • Continuous learning via the course discussion board start and join new discussions with other students and trainers

Meet Your Instructors

Women over Waste

Waste Researchers and Educators

Formed in 2018, Women over Waste is an education and research partnership facilitating and leading community engagement that empowers people to participate in creating the steps needed for a waste-free future. Business partners Fran Jones and Anne Pettit combine their skills and many years of experience across waste, health and environmental issues to develop and deliver unique learning opportunities and produce tools for inspiring and supporting sustainable living.

Meet Women over Waste

Get to know our waste experts and hear more about the course