Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Part #1

    • Introduction

    • How does the NDIS work?

    • The Process

    • The PLAN

    • Goals and Support Categories

    • Important Roles

  • 3

    Part #2

    • To Register or Not to Register

    • Registration Price Limits

    • Pricing Changes

    • Working as a Non-Registered Service Provider

    • Report Writing

    • What's Next?

  • 4

    Next steps

    • Next Steps

    • Working with the NDIS Toolbox

    • Before you go...

Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Manefield

Research & Development IOPO

Jennifer Manefield - Jennifer's Decluttering SolutionsJennifer started Jennifer’s Decluttering Solutions in June 2014 and began immediately working full-time, initially with senior Australians decluttering and downsizing with a particular emphasis on chronic disorganisation, hoarding and dementia. Her interest in how mental health issues impact peoples’ ability to manage their possessions means she has increasingly begun to work in the mental health sector and is excited by the potential role for Professional Organisers within the constantly evolving NDIS. She is passionate about both professional development and her industry. She is now an Accredited member of the IOPO and serves on the Board in the Research and Development role.