Who Are the IOPO?

The IOPO is the peak industry body providing a supportive and inclusive network for the organising industry through professional membership.

At the IOPO, we protect and advocate for your industry and together, we elevate your business and empower you with industry-specific resources, knowledge and confidence.

We promote a standard of excellence by leading through advocacy and education on the role of the organising industry, with an Advisory Board made up of Professional Organisers who are industry experts. The Advisory Board members are Sarah Cottman, Beverley Scheepers, Jennifer Manefield, Susanne Thiebe and Carolyn Verhoef. 

Our members stand out amongst others in their fields with the IOPO badge, a sign of quality, credibility and trust.

The demand for Organising Services across Australasia and beyond continues to grow. We champion our members and a broader community of passionate organisers to showcase their professionalism and expertise to meet these needs.